Laker Ballot Proposals

Laker Schools will have a bond issue proposal and a sinking fund renewal proposal on the May 8 election ballot. Voting will take place at your local precinct, not the school.

Over the next several weeks, we intend to provide as much information as possible about our bond and sinking fund proposals to help parents and community members become informed voters.  This will include basic drawings and facts, as well as specific details about individual elements of the proposal.

If you have additional questions, you are always welcome to contact a member of the Laker School Board or Administration for more information, or look for new information to be shared in the coming weeks.

Happy reading, and Go Green!

There will be a community forum to discuss the bond issue proposal at noon April 30 at the Pigeon Rotary meeting (Pigeon District Library). 


NOTE – Voting for this proposal will take place at your local voting precinct (wherever you go to vote for an election). It will not be at the school. 

Click below for an overview of the items to be included in the bond proposal, along with a list of Q&A’s for the topics we hear the most about.

Click below for information regarding the auditorium, including what it is used for, previous improvements, and proposed changes.

current auditorium

The current auditorium. 

proposed auditorium

The proposed auditorium. 

auditorium damage
auditorium damage
auditorium damage
auditorium damage

Pictured above are some examples of damage in the current auditorium. 

Click below for information regarding proposed improvements to roofing and parking lots.

Pictured above is the proposed additional parking lot on the west side of the elementary building. 

Click below for information regarding the proposed Laker Innovation Center and related improvements to the woodshop and ag classroom areas.

existing woodshop area

The current shop area. 

innovation center concept

The proposed Innovation Center area.

Click here for an article that describes the thought behind the Laker Innovation Center and what administrators and staff members say about the proposed project.

Click below for information regarding proposed improvements to heating and cooling, utilities, classroom improvements and other interior renovations.

proposed HVAC improvements

Some proposed HVAC improvements.

classroom improvements proposed

Some proposed classroom improvements.

Click below for information about the proposed fieldhouse and other athletic improvements.