Links and forms for parents

Hello Parents! To enroll your child at Lakers, please contact the school office at 989-453-4600, option 1 (for middle and high schools) or option 2 (for elementary) to obtain the necessary forms. These forms include: Student residency, release of educational records, enrollment, school of choice application, and the emergency form for the school your child(ren) will be attending. The school of choice application is only for those residing outside the Laker School District. You also need to provide your child’s birth certificate, immunization records and proof of residency (a utility bill would work for this purpose). Please bring the completed forms and necessary paperwork to the elementary or secondary school office for processing. If you have questions, please call 989-453-4600 and select the option for the office you wish to contact. Thank you and welcome to Lakers!

For enrollment forms please contact the school office (989-453-4600, option 1 for secondary school, option 2 for elementary)

Hello Parents! To obtain the forms necessary to register your child for DK or kindergarten, please contact the elementary office at 989-453-4600, option 2. To register, your child must be 5 years old by Sept. 1. If your child will be turning 5 between Sept. 2 and Dec. 1, a waiver must be signed. If you have questions, please email Principal Jill VerBurg at 



Other Helpful Resources

Click here to Apply For Free Internet 

Click here for Behavioral Health Screening – Thumb Opioid Response Consortium (TORC) behavioral health online screening platform – offers 13 screenings for behavioral health, including anxiety, depression & adolescent depression, eating disorders, PTSD, substance use, and others, as well as a wide-range of mental health screen and a general well-being screen. These brief screenings are free, anonymous, and provide immediate results, recommendations, and resources.

Click here for the website

Click here for Drivers Training resources

Click here for the Foreign Exchange Student Program

Click here for Foster Parent information – DHHS

Click here for Free Summer Meals For Students 

Click here for Homeless Education Assistance

Click here for the Michigan E-Library 

Click here for the MI Child Protection Registry

Click here to the Parents’ Guide to Problem Behavior

Click here for Preventing Teen Prescription Misuse

Click here for Family Independence Specialist info (Download PDF)

Click here for School Loan Calculator

Click here for – Information on dangerous apps for students

Click here for – Website about drug abuse prevention, treatment

Click here for information on Substance Abuse and Teens

Click here for Thumb-area resource information

Click here for information on Teen Slang (words/emojis)

Click here for – website about dangers of vaping

Click here for Vaping/E-cigarette Resources for Cessation

Basic Support:

-Elementary school

Grade-level behavior expectations posted in each classroom and taught by classroom teachers

School nurse each day from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Behavior interventionist classroom support

High school peer mentors

NOTE – Laker Elementary School integrates Positive Behavior Support (PBS) in each classroom and school-wide. PBS is a research-based, multi-tiered behavioral system of support that focuses on both prevention and intervention. It has been shown to improve school climate, reduce bullying behaviors as well as other problem behaviors. We will teach, practice and reinforce desired behaviors that lead to academic and social success.

-Secondary school

Guided Studies or Directed Studies course built in to schedule to provide extra time and assistance with homework.

After-school and before-school tutoring with actual teachers, which is available to students four nights a week.

School-based wellness clinic, where physical needs are addressed and emotional/mental needs are referred to other services.

SRC time-out option, which provides an opportunity for an emotional or frustrated student to take time away voluntarily for reflection or cooling down.

Intermediate Support (requested by student or parent)


Social skill lessons taught by a grade level behavior interventionist

Counseling (emotional, academic and social) offered by full-time school counselor

Academic support provided by grade-level paraprofessionals


Emotional support sessions or academic counseling with Jeff Etzel, available to any student by request.

Lunchtime tutoring by student request with teachers in actual courses.

Peer tutoring arrangements with an NHS student, which some students prefer over working with a teacher.

Advanced Support (initiated by parent or school)


Data-driven behavior plan

Check-in, check-out with a trained staff member

Professional counseling delivered by List Psychological (paid through a grant, with parent permission)

Request for 504 plan

Request for IEP screening

Court intervention


Check-in, check-out system with an assigned staff member to help students get organized at the beginning and end of the day.

List Psychological counseling sessions, scheduled and paid by school referral.

Petition for incorrigibility with probate court.

Request for IEP screening.

Request for 504 plan.

Click here for information on becoming a substitute teacher for Lakers and/or other school districts, or call EDUstaff at (877) 974-6338. At Lakers, get $100 a day or $125 a day for 10 or more consecutive days. Retired Laker teachers get $150 per day (and do not need to register with EDUStaff.

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