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Laker Schools Transportation Policy

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Our Policy

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It is the policy of the Laker School District to provide, safe, courteous, and regular transportation service over routes established by the school district and approved by the State of Michigan. The primary purpose of the transportation system is to make instruction to students that live long distances from school by carrying eligible students to and from school during the regular school year. All other authorized uses of the system or its equipment shall be secondary and shall not interfere with the primary function.

Since school bus transportation is provided for only eligible students:

It shall be considered a privilege to be enjoyed by his/her own conduct. The student is expected to carefully follow all rules and regulations governing riding the bus and respond cheerfully and promptly to the directions or requests of the driver.

It shall not be considered a personal “taxi” service. Some riders will find it necessary to walk some distance to the designated bus stop.


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1. The following pupils residing within the school district and enrolled in grades kindergarten through twelve, shall be eligible for transportation within the district, by school bus:

A pupil unable to walk a certain distance due to a handicap that qualifies for admission to a special program will be given transportation in accordance with their need.

No persons other than Laker school students and personnel may ride a bus while buses are providing transportation to and from school.

2. For reasons of safety and efficiency, the number of stops on any route shall be kept to a minimum.

Walking distance to meet buses will not exceed one (1) mile.

3. Each eligible pupil will be assigned to use a specific bus stop and shall not be permitted to use any other without permission.

4. When students are picked up from their designated pick up point for the purpose of being transported to or from school, they will remain with the school provided transportation system until they reach their designated drop point.

5. The transportation director may grant permission for a pupil to ride a different bus or use a different stop. Such permission may be granted only upon receipt of a written request of a parent, guardian, or other responsible adult for a specified period of time subject to the following conditions and limitations:

The requested change must not result in the overcrowding of any bus, alterations of any regular service route, bus stop or time schedule, or in any way interfere with the regular operation of the transportation system.

In an emergency, written requests may be waived.

Statement of Responsibility For Safety

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1. The safety of a pupil while going to and from school or a bus stop and while waiting at a bus stop is the responsibility of the parent.

2. In setting up bus schedules, it shall be the objective to arrange for buses to arrive at school approximately ten (10) minutes before the scheduled time for the beginning of classes in the morning and to leave within approximately ten (10) minutes after the scheduled dismissal time.

3. The Superintendent of Schools, in his judgement, may cancel all or part of, or alter routes of the normal transportation program due to inclement weather (i.e. sleet, snow, mud, etc.).

Parents will be notified of schedule changes by announcements on local radio stations.

Bus Rules

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Conduct: Drivers are in complete charge of their buses at all times and act in the same capacity as a teacher would in a classroom. Rules for safe conduct are to be followed by all students (pre-school through grade 12) on the school buses.

A. Normal conversation is permissible except when the bus stops for railroad crossings..

B. Students will immediately take their seat upon entering the bus and remain seated until the bus stops and it is time to disembark.

C. Heads, hands and feet shall be kept inside the bus at all times.

D. Throwing any articles inside the bus, or at the bus, or from the bus is strictly prohibited.

E. Students will remain at the side of the road and board the bus in an orderly fashion.

F. The bus must come to a complete stop before children move toward it.

G. Students are to arrive at a stop five (5) minutes prior to the posted arrival time.

H. Students must not rush the bus, walk, or run between buses when they are loading or unloading.

I. Lighting matches or smoking on the bus is strictly prohibited.

J. Students will not cause excessive noise or rowdy conduct on the bus.

K. Eating and drinking are allowed on the bus only with driver approval.

L. Students ill not use profane or foul language at any time.

M. Writing is not allowed on the inside or outside of the bus. Passengers shall not deface or damage the bus. Anyone guilty of such acts will pay the cost of repair.

N. Passengers will not open the emergency door, unless instructed to do so by the bus driver.

O. Students who must cross the road after being discharged from the bus must cross in front of the stopped bus.

P. Students are strictly prohibited from acting or talking disrespectful to the bus driver.

Transportation Disciplinary Action

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1. First Offense: The driver shall issue a written misconduct report to the student concerning the misconduct and stating his/her bus riding privileges are in jeopardy. This misconduct report is to be signed by the parent/guardian and returned to the bus driver. The principal will assign a Saturday detention. However, if a student’s misconduct is severe, the administration reserves the right to remove the student from the bus for an appropriate length of time.

2. Second Offense: Any student who is written up a second time, or more, will be called to the administration official:

A. Saturday detention will be assigned to the student, or

B. The student will be removed from the bus for a period of not less than three (3) days, or

C. The student shall be removed from the bus for a period of not less than five (5) days, or

D. The student will be removed from the bus permanently until a parent and student conference is arranged and a satisfactory agreement can be reached.  The student will be temporarily reinstated as a passenger on the bus only with prior approval of the principal.

3. Third Offense: Any student who is issued a 3rd bus misconduct report will be suspended from the bus for 3 days, and could possibly lead to a school suspension.