Laker School District is awesome

Laker Schools are awesome! Here are some reasons why:

  • We have a caring, dedicated staff of teachers and support staff who work every day to help every child succeed not only as students, but as responsible citizens.
  • Students receive personalized attention to build their skills.
  • Lakers has top-notch facilities with state-of-the-art technology and security.
  • Excellent staff and programs encourage and support positive behavior.
  • Multiple early intervention programs assist struggling students.
  • *Student Responsibility Centers (elementary and secondary) provide a quiet place for students to reflect on misconduct, communicate with teachers/parents and get back to the classroom in quick, effective manner.
  • Strong policies and aggressive action against bullying are in place.
  • *Students enjoy many hands-on, team-based classroom activities.
  • *Many community projects are led by our students and staff.
  • We offer a wide variety of extracurricular activities (more than 50) from elementary through high school.
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Read What Our Parents and Students Think of Laker Schools.

Laker High School Michigan
“We wanted our children to have a quality education and to be treated with respect. We have sent 13 children to Lakers and we have been extremely happy with their education. We appreciate the positive, smiling and friendly staff.”
-Parent Amy V.
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“I’ve never seen so many elementary-age kids bawling as they were leaving for the last day for summer vacation.  With a staff like this, who’d ever want to leave school?”

–Parent Brandea F.

Laker High School Michigan

“I think Lakers is a wonderful school because of the supportive and helpful teachers and parents. The teachers work your brain with excellent lessons. The teachers do a lot for us, including pride assemblies, dances and movie nights. There also are many different (after-school activities) to participate in.”

-Brittany R., Laker High School student

Laker High School Michigan

“This school is being led by good leaders. From the day my son started Lakers, he’s absolutely loved school. I have only Laker Schools to thank for that.”

-Parent Mark T.

Laker High School Michigan

“You can tell the teachers care about every person. They want everyone to do their best. It makes me want to push forward and do better, too. It’s like they’re all family.

– Channah L., Laker High School student

Laker High School Michigan


“I’ve really been impressed with the time and attention the administration, teachers and all the staff pay to all the children. They go far above and beyond. It touches you the amount of effort they put into everything. It really shows me that they care so much. I love it here. I am just so amazed at everything (the staff) does here. I also know from personal experience that the school is on top of safety and security for the children. They have policies and procedures in place and they handle them with professionalism and calmness. ”

-Parent Kari L.

Laker High School Michigan

“Lakers is an excellent school because the teachers are amazing and are understanding. The students here don’t make fun of you – there aren’t many bullies. Lakers is more like a family than other schools.”

-Hannah H., Laker High School student

Laker High School Michigan

“We’re basically a big family. Kids help one another and encourage each other.  I’m pretty sure I want to take my (future) kids here.”

-Austin T., junior high student

Laker High School Michigan

“At his previous school, he was in special education classes and he was excluded from the rest of his classmates. He didn’t feel like he was part of the team. It really did bother him that there was no cohesiveness with his classmates. When I heard about the inclusion classes at Lakers … we decided to take a different direction. We decided Lakers would be the best fit for (our son). The minute I walked into the school, I could feel a sense of calm, and people respecting others. It just felt like the rest place to be. It’s very family oriented here. Lakers doesn’t just focus on bringing up a child academically, but bringing them up to be a good steward in the community. That’s what really impressed us. We’re glad we made the switch and we’re never going back.”

-Laker parent

Laker High School Michigan

“As (my children are) new students this year (2015-16), we couldn’t be more happy to join the Laker family. Everyone has been so welcoming and helpful to us and our kids.”

–Parent Janna Fritz

Laker High School Michigan

“When your child gets off of the bus and runs in (the house) at full speed with a big smile saying, ‘Mom, school was awesome today!’, this makes life so much better. It feels great to know we can fully put our faith and trust in such a solid team. Way to go, teachers! You are FABULOUS!”

–Parent Kristie S.

Laker High School Michigan

“The (Laker Elementary staff) put in 110 percent all of the time, whether it’s helping out at a PTOC event, making March is Reading Month extra special by transforming the school (with decorations) or going that extra mile to help out a student – or even a parent. We as parents are truly blessed to have such incredible people helping to raise our children!”

-Parent Jennifer U.

Laker High School Michigan

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Laker High School Michigan
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