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Laker Schools are awesome! Here are some reasons why:

  • We have a caring, dedicated staff of teachers and support staff who work every day to help children succeed not only as students but as responsible citizens.
  • Students are treated as individuals, and they’re encouraged to develop their skills and talents every day.
  • Lakers has top-notch facilities with state-of-the-art technology and security. One such example is the Laker Legacy Center, a multi-sport facility that offers a wide range of uses, athletic and non-athletic. Check out the Legacy Center page on this website.
  • Excellent staff and programs encourage and support positive behavior.
  • Multiple early intervention programs assist struggling students in many areas.
  • Laker Elementary has more paraprofessional support than many other local schools..
  • The Innovation Center at Laker Secondary School provides a wide variety of STEM opportunities through hands-on experiences with CNC machines, robotics, coding, woodworking, etc. Check out the Innovation Center page on this website for pics and info!
  • Strong policies and aggressive action against bullying are in place.
  • Students enjoy many hands-on, team-based classroom activities.
  • Many community projects are led by our students and staff.
  • We offer a wide variety of extracurricular activities (more than 50) from elementary through high school.
  • Lakers is the only school in the state to offer the SAIL Academy, which offers a variety of options for high school students 16 and up (Laker students, homeschool students, students from other districts). Just some of those options include credit recovery/online coursework, work-based learning, apprenticeships, workshops and more. Some of these can be combined with a student’s regular school classes at their home school. Click HERE to visit the SAIL Academy Facebook page
Laker High School Michigan

Laker Teachers Share What Makes Lakers Such A Special Place

Laker High School Michigan

Amy Smithers, Laker Elementary art teacher

“Here at Lakers, we approach our school system like a family. From teachers to parapros to custodians to cafeteria workers to bus drivers, everybody works hard to put kids at the center of everything we do. It takes everybody to provide a great education for our students. I really value everyone who works here and how we help one another to make sure every child gets what they need. One of the things that makes Lakers unique is we provide students with multiple hands-on experiences that (not all schools) have. We have a lot of extra things going on that engage and motivate children. They have experiences that are unforgettable, and I think that makes Lakers unique.”

Steve McIntosh, Laker Middle School teacher

“We have a positive environment and it really shows this is the type of place that puts learning at the forefront and the community at the forefront. We all work to send kids out (into the world) with an education that will give them the tools they need to be successful.”

Michelle Reibling, Laker Elementary teacher

“Lakers has very supportive people around each of our students. Everyone works hard to make learning fun. Everything done is for the students. And we don’t just teach academics – we teach to the whole child. We focus on character education, nutrition, physical activity, art and creativity, (and more). Our school climate is a special thing. Everyone works hard to make Lakers great. “

Scott Copeland, Laker Elementary special education teacher

“It’s a very family-oriented atmosphere (here). It’s a circle of everyone looking out for each other to make the school the best it can be and to help students as much as we can.”

Julie Stoyka, Laker Middle/High School teacher (retired in 2022)

“I respect that the administration always has the future in mind. (Lakers is a district) that’s always movin’ and shakin’. The fact that we are the number one School of Choice school (in the area) says something about us. I’ve heard students say, ‘We are family,’ and I don’t think they’re just words. I think students really feel that way.”

School of Choice Parents Share Why They Chose Lakers

Laker High School Michigan
Dr. Bradi Boyce
“(One) thing I really like is Lakers encourages character growth and good decision-making. It’s more than just about (academics). It’s about becoming a better person. I’m super impressed with the teachers and staff and how they’ve helped our children grow. It takes a lot of time, a lot of heart, and a lot of caring. We know (our children are) well cared for and they’re being taught by the best.
I can’t think of a better place to send my children.”
Dr. Brent Boyce
“The qualify and integrity of the staff, (who I believe) genuinely care for my children and have their absolute best interest at heart. It makes it easy to trust and know that your child is getting everything they need to get to excel and become the people they’re meant to become.”
Robert Haag
“At Lakers, it’s the open culture that makes the difference. When a teacher or administrator has an idea (that will help a child), they have the ability to act on those ideas. Plans are adaptable … to meet students’ needs. Everyone pulls together for a common cause.”
Amy Haag
“Lakers is very aggressive in going after grants. If you say, ‘Hey, I’d really like to offer this to our children,’ (Lakers) finds a way. They make it happen. There are many activities during school and after school for our children to be involved in.”
Hilarie Yerkovich
“Every person I have encountered at the school has been wonderful. They’ve been friendly, polite, and communicative. Lakers has been wonderful for us. They’ve gone into detail in regards to (answering my questions).”
Jennifer Prill
“Lakers has helped both of my children blossom and grow. It’s a very encouraging and caring environment. Everyone is so supportive. The Laker community really becomes part of your family. Lakers has a fun and energetic atmosphere, and the amount of after-school clubs and activities is unreal.”
Amy Wehner
“(I appreciate Lakers for) the friendliness of the staff, the variety of classes that are offered, the endless after-school activities, and the positive motivation students receive from the teachers. The teachers are so giving. Everyone makes you feel at home and at ease here.”

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Laker High School Michigan
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